Today London is home to one of the most vibrant electronic scenes in the world, with a seemingly limitless amount of talented, forward thinking producers putting out new music everyday.  One of the hottest labels there is Night Slugs, home to artists like [mp3com-artist]Bok Bok[/mp3com-artist], [mp3com-artist]Girl Unit[/mp3com-artist], [mp3com-artist]Kingdom[/mp3com-artist] and many others. Both [mp3com-artist]Bok Bok[/mp3com-artist] and [mp3com-artist]Girl Unit[/mp3com-artist] are playing at Decibel this year, so we thought it would be fitting to get you a preview of some of the tunes they be spinning. Bok Bok has been kind enough to shared with us a playlist of some of his favorite up and coming producers. 1. [mp3com-artist]HELIX[/mp3com-artist] We have just signed a track by this guy for the Night Slugs White Label series, and he's also got a release coming on young Scottish label All Caps in the very near future. His sound  borrows from Techno as much as 8bar Grime, all mechanised rolling 707s punctuated by exhuberant rave stabs. Track to check: "DRUM TRAK" (forthcoming Night Slugs): 2. [mp3com-artist]LOGOS[/mp3com-artist] Inspired heavily by Wiley's sometime experiments with drumless versions of his Eski beats, Logos makes 2012 Devil's mix trax that feel like club moment freezeframes, intense squarewave bangers in suspended animation. I'm looking forward to his releases on Keysound. Track to check: "ATLANTA 69" 3. [mp3com-artist]MORRI$[/mp3com-artist] Makes incredible rap beats, bold trap-style drum programming soaked in huge melodies. I'm really loving this guy's stuff. One to watch for sure. Track to check: 607 Riddim 4. [mp3com-artist]MOKONA[/mp3com-artist] More Eski squares floating in space, but this time they're all dreamy and atmospheric. I'm feeling Mokona's super minimalist light touch approach to putting a track together. Check 5. [mp3com-artist]STEVE SUMMERS[/mp3com-artist] With releases on the mighty Clone dating back to 2009, SS isn't exactly a brand-new prouducer, but I'm including him here because I'm feeling what he does. Making the kind of house that sounds genuinely like it was discovered on a melted tape in a Chicago basement studio after years collecting dust, and with track titles like "Message From The Past", somehow Steve manages to make beautiful anthemic "classic-sounding" house without resorting to pastiche. Check Steve Summers Live at the Honey Soundsystem 1 Year Mezzanine: Check Bok Bok on his Soundcloud page and show him some love on Facebook!  

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