Formed in Brighton, England back in the 2004, the members of [mp3com-artist]The Kooks[/mp3com-artist] were launched into the limelight only a few months after forming as a band when they were signed to Virgin Records on the strength of their demo. At the time, they were barely in their 20's and had only recently learned to play their instruments! Now, a quadruple platinum album, multiple Top-10 singles, and international tours later, they're back with their third album, Junk of Heart. They're looking to give US audiences a taste of their new sound with a performance at Bonnaroo. [mp3com-download url="thekooks-howdyou.mp3" artist="The Kooks" song="How'd You Like That" email="none"/] Describing his band's rapid rise to fame, frontman Luke Pritchard said, "It was really quick how it all happened, we did a demo with a mate of ours in London, which we sent off to one guy to get some gigs, and he turned out to be a manager. He rung us up and it kind of went from there."   What the guys may have lacked in experience, they clearly made up for with natural star power. To wit, when trying to land their first gig, Pritchard and drummer Paul Garred walked into a venue and talked with the manager with nothing more than the clothes on their back to land themselves a spot on the bill. Surprisingly, it worked. "So we went in to get a gig, we don't have a demo," said Garred, "And this guy told us, 'Well, you can't get a gig if you don't have a demo, but I like your hats, so I'm going to give you a gig." Must have been some hats! If you're attending Bonnaroo this year, be sure to check out [mp3com-artist]The Kooks[/mp3com-artist] in what's sure to be one of the highlight performances of the festival. For more information on this year's Bonnaroo and free music from the musicians that will be there, check out our past Bonnaroo coverage.

Artists: The Kooks

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