Perfect for a sunny day in the park, the Eton Soulra XL comes equipped with its own solar panel that powers its speakers. Aside from the retractable 72-square-inch "enhanced" monocrystal solar panel, the Soulra XL is a pretty standard set of MP3 speakers.  The difference, of course, is that on a sunny day the solar panel can extend the lithium battery's normal 5 hour lifespan to a full 8 hours! That's a long time considering the Soulra XL  has eight speaker drivers (two tweeters, two woofers, and four passive radiators), and a 22W output.  With that kind of firepower you can easily provide a soundtrack for your barbecue or outdoor party. The Soulra XL offers decent sound quality for a set of speakers with no A/C power, but the main draw is the fact that with one charge this boombox can run all day, wherever you want to go. Read the full review over on CNET

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