Justin Yu, an Associate Editor at CNET, selects some of today's best wireless headphones.. Wireless headphone technology has been around for a number of years, but only recently has it begun to catch up to regular cord headphones in terms of sound quality.  The obvious benefit is that you aren't tethered to your audio player, but many of the headphones are starting to offer additional features as well . The Turtle Beach Ear Force PX5, for example, showcases features like bluetooth, which lets you multitask on your computer and mobile phone, and a built in microphone, which allows you to use the headphones with online computer gaming and phone calls. Another development is the implementation of surround sound into headphones. The Astro A40 Wireless System offers a surround sound experience on par with many full stereo set ups. This new breed of wireless headphones is expanding the role of headphones from a simple music device into a handy multitasking tool. See which ones made the cut in the full CNET roundup.

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