It's only been about a year since Robin Thicke dropped his last record, Blurred Lines, and now that his marriage with actress Paula Patton is on the fritz, he's gearing up to release yet another album to try and reconcile their relationship. Paula is due out July 1st, and it's filled with songs dedicated to his estranged wife. The lead single, "Get Her Back", makes it absolutely clear he wants to try and fix things, but the music video comes off as, well, a little creepy. Singing "All I wanna do / Is get you back tonight / I gotta get her cool" into the camera with close-ups of his face, Thicke gets emotional as he sings to Patton. However, the video is also filled with flashes of text messages, which for all we know, could actually have occurred between him & his ex. If these very personal messages are indeed an exchange between Robin and Paula, then that's just wrong! Time will only tell if Robin Thicke's ploy to get Paula Patton back will actually work. What do you think?

Artists: Robin Thicke

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