Welcome to Volume 12 of RCRD LBL Essential. This week we have a little bit of everything for you, including new music from Rusko and Die Antwoord and a remix of Florence and the Machine.

One of the breakout star’s from the world’s current obsession with dubstep, Rusko has been all over the place as of late releasing hit after hit. “Somebody to Love” is his newest single and does not disappoint. Let the breaks begin.

Die Antwoord were one of the biggest stories in the music industry last year, blowing up out of nowhere on the strength of some well produced videos and a few out-of-this-world songs. A major label record deal and a full length LP later, they are no longer the industry outsiders they once were. Fortunately, from a musical perspective they are still very much outsiders, still very much doing their own thing. Next level beats from DJ Hi-Tek, Yolandi’s otherworldly vocals, and of course zef raps from Ninja. “I Fink U Freeky” is Die Antwoord most dance oriented track to dare. High energy synths, a pulsing beat and a great vocal hook from Yolandi make this track appropriate for a club.

“No Light No Light,” a track from Florence and the Machine‘s new album gets a theatrically dramatic remix by Spector, a UK synthpop band.  The remix amps up the original’s dark undertones into something a bit more energetic and ominous.

Jacques Renault makes use of some interesting source material with his rework of Buddy Holly‘s classic “Slippin’ and Slidin’.” The track offers a slightly different sound than most electronic music coming out today. Holly’s timeless voice floats above a deep bassline as a myriad of spacey sound effect bounce back and forth. It’s no 130 bpm dancefloor burner, but the slower tempo is a welcome change of pace.

Rounding things out are a laid back electropop track from Mansions on the Moon, a nice, a piano ballad  from Cate Le Bon, and an experiemental, jazzy track from Big Sir.

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