In the spirit of the holiday season this week's RCRD LBL Essentials Playlist is full of holiday music recorded by some of today's coolest artists. This Essentials Playlist isn't all good tidings and cheer though, these are modern holiday songs about about the ins and outs of Christmas in 2011.  [mp3com-artist]Purse Snatchers[/mp3com-artist] ease us into the holiday mood with the relaxed "Christmas Lights." This lyrics and melodies evoke the pleasant evening ambiance of the season. Purse Snatchers is a home-recording project of Doug Marvin and his wife Annie Hart ([mp3com-artist]Au Revoir Simone[/mp3com-artist]), who shows herself to be an able melodica player on this track. [mp3com-artist]Cailtin Rose[/mp3com-artist] hits a somber note with "You Never Come Home For Christmas." Over light acoustic guitar and plinking piano she sings, in her wonderful [mp3com-artist]Zooey Deschane[/mp3com-artist]l-meets-[mp3com-artist]Patsy Cline[/mp3com-artist] voice, "You never come home for Christmas, and maybe it's better that way." The rest of the tracks  run this full gamut of the emotions entailed in the modern holiday season. From the uptempo "Black Christmas" from[mp3com-artist] Poly Styrene[/mp3com-artist] to the abstract electronic musings of [mp3com-artist]Circlesquare [/mp3com-artist]on "Untitled (For Christmas)." So if you're looking for some holiday tunes that shake things up from the old standards, give this Essentials Playlist a whirl! [rcrd-lbl][/rcrd-lbl]