Here is RCRD LBL Essentials Volume 28, and we've got some serious groove for you this week. Check out this collection of new music for some of the best basslines around. [rcrd-lbl][/rcrd-lbl] To open things up, [mp3com-artist]2:45[/mp3com-artist] offer their hauntingly beautiful track "The March." Airy female vocals and beautiful guitar work give this track  an arresting sound. [mp3com-artist]Gold Fields[/mp3com-artist] get the good vibrations going with their infectious song "Treehouse." A head bobbing bassline  and inventive percussion keep the song moving at a steady clip and the catchy vocals suck you in and bring you along for the ride. [mp3com-artist]Sunny Ali & The Kid[/mp3com-artist] match a heavy beat with lugubrious vocals on "Chai" (an ode to their favorite tea?). In the vocals, uncertainty turns into subtle triumph as the song reaches its climax. DJ wiz [mp3com-artist]Canblaster[/mp3com-artist] gets the party started with his remix of [mp3com-artist]Surkin[/mp3com-artist]'s club track "Don't Go Away." Big beats and big drops are sure to get people moving on this one. Continuing the dancefloor fun are New York house music specialists [mp3com-artist]Still Going[/mp3com-artist]. The duo used to be on DFA's roster but have since branched out on their own with a new label. "D117" is one of the first tracks they've released autonomously, and it's a massive one. A rolling bassline and funk guitars propel the beat forward as soul diva vocals rise on top, climbing higher and higher until they break through the clouds. [mp3com-artist]PHILM[/mp3com-artist] switches things up a bit with some dark, heavy rock. Ominous with a psychedelic twinge to it, "Held In Light" twists and turn, eventually exploding into and all out heavy rock assault.

Artists: Gold Fields

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