Another week, another handful of killer free MP3 downloads for your ears, courtesy of and RCRDLBL. [rcrd-lbl][/rcrd-lbl] [mp3com-artist]Danny Brown[/mp3com-artist] starts things off with "Grown Up," an elegiac musing on his humble, non-homework completing youth and his rise to dominating hip hop in the new decade. It's almost impossible for the peculiarly voiced Brown to misstep, and this track proves he's still got plenty more where XXX left off. "Our Hearts" by [mp3com-artist]Firehorse[/mp3com-artist] takes the heartfelt vocals of [mp3com-artist]Sharon Van Etten[/mp3com-artist] and plunges them deep among dusty drum machines and a beautiful Rhodes melody. Brooklyn-based Leah Siegel has already received top praise from [mp3com-artist]Prince[/mp3com-artist] - the purple one himself -  so do not let this band slip by your radar. [mp3com-artist]James Curd[/mp3com-artist] meets electro-house producer [mp3com-artist]Gigamesh[/mp3com-artist] on "Guide Me," a tune for the dance floor and house party in equal measures. Pop this one in your player ahead of the weekend and get those pre-game sessions bumping. [mp3com-artist]Zammuto[/mp3com-artist] - aka one-half of revered found-sound collagists [mp3com-artist]The Books[/mp3com-artist] with a new band - offer up "A Shape of Things To Come," a stunning take on pop music with an experimental sonic palette most bands would shy from. Stream the entire album here! [mp3com-artist]The Hussy[/mp3com-artist] - brilliant or appalling band name? That question hardly matters once you click 'play' on "Undefined," as wall-of-sound barrages your ears.  Distorted guitars and vocals reference lo-fi punk out of SoCal, and fans who can get behind that sound will love The Hussy. [mp3com-artist]Greg Saunier[/mp3com-artist] tackles [mp3com-artist]People Get Ready[/mp3com-artist]'s pop tune "Disappear," injecting a bit of 70's psychedelic into a surf-rock summer jam. But don't get to used to the sunny vibes - the last download featured in this week's playlist is the noir creeper, "Razors Out," from the Raid Soundtrack and featuring [mp3com-artist]Deftones[/mp3com-artist] singer [mp3com-artist]Chino Moren[/mp3com-artist]o.

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