It's Thursday so that means it's almost the weekend! It also means that it's time for a new RCRD LBL Essentials Playlist! To get you ready for a night out we've got a playlist jam packed with some of the hottest new dance music. [rcrd-lbl][/rcrd-lbl] To start things off we have LA act [mp3com-artist]†††[/mp3com-artist] [mp3com-artist](CROSSES)[/mp3com-artist]. They really nail a particular strain of dark, gothic Robert Smith-y electropop. It's pulls of a delicate balancing act between being catchy and moody at the same time. St. Lucia turns [mp3com-artist]Foster the People[/mp3com-artist]'s track "Don't Stop" into an awesome 80's Billy Idol style 80's hair rock track. by cranking up the chugging, distorted guitar riff. Hell there's even a sax solo during the breakdown. One of the premier French DJ's of late Yuksek has produced a slew of hits over the past few year. Here, his song "Off the Wall" gets an edit from fellow countryman Brodinski, who chops up the song's vocals to make a super hot beat. [mp3com-artist]Tu Fawning[/mp3com-artist] provides a brief respite with "Bones" the beautifully elegiac lead single from their upcoming sophomore album A Moment. The song is From there we're right back on the dancefloor with Codes' remix of "Hooked." It's a pretty huge disco flavored house track - blasting an armada sized assault of distorted synths. A real highlight on this Essentials playlist is L-Vis 1990's remix of D'Angelo's classic track "Untitled (How Does It Feel)." L-Vis 1990's edit manages to retain the smooth sensuality of the original while giving it a little Night Slugs juke. One of the hottest labels in England right now, Night Slugs artists occupy a musical sweet spot between dubstep, garage and R&B. Progressive South African musician Spoek Mathambo wraps things up with his energetic, funky track "Let them Talk." Definitely an artist to keep an eye on Mathambo has been turning heads by putting African sounds and rhythms into new musical context and bringing them to a wider audience. So get listening and enjoy the free music. Let us know which songs were your favorites in the comments. Click HERE to check out past RCRD LBL Essentials Playlists

Artists: L-Vis 1990