Welcome to RCRD LBL Essentials Volume 15.  With hot remixes by Guxxi Vump, Atari Teenage Riot, Alec Empire, Kris Menace and White Arrows, we’ve got another playlist of tracks that will help get your weekend started off on the right foot.

Guxxi Vump kicks things off with dark, baroque edit of Lana Del Rey‘s “Born To Die.” The song’s atmosphere ratchets up the original’s somber undertones, emphasizing its string section and chopping Lana Del Rey‘s vocals to give them a haunting, somewhat deranged sound. The whole affair is set to a massive bassline that keeps the track punchy throughout.

Continuing the dark and dangerous theme, Alec Empire and Atari Teenage Riot team up to mess with NYC electro actSALEM. In a curious situation (perhaps emblematic of the self referential nature of electronic music), the track “Better Off Alone” is actually SALEM‘s remix of the classic eurobeat track by Alice Deejay. So, to recap – we have two artists, remixing a song that is a remix of another song. This drugged out, slow motion version of the original paints it in a whole new light though – giving the original track’s triumphant synth lines an ominous feel.

Following that, Nick Waterhouse switches things up with a classy big band style track. Full of soul, “Some Place” shows Waterhouse to be a powerful vocalist and talented songwriter who is bringing back a long undervalued style of music.

Beach Fossils serve up some perfectly executed dreamy indie pop with their song “Shallow,” and Kris Menace gives us another foreboding-yet-sexy dance track with his remix of Depeche Mode‘s classic “Fragile Tension.” Superhumanoids lay the 80’s pastiche on thick with “Geri,” which sounds like a bonus track to a Tears for Fears Greatest hits Collection. White Arrows wraps things up with their remix of Active Child‘s “Johnny Belinda.”