Protest music has strong ties to tradition and national identity. It works as a tool to unite people and does so by identifying common traits among them.  [mp3com-artist]Steve Cooke[/mp3com-artist], though he is originally from the UK has an uncanny knack for creating music that gets to the roots of American identity.   [mp3com-artist]Steve Cooke[/mp3com-artist]'s song "Working for the USA," from the 2008 album Broken Country addresses a lot of the issues at play in the Occupy Wall Street protest. The lyrics reflect the conflict at the heart of protest - the inequality between blue collar workers and the white collar executives that profit from their hard labor. It's an ultimately uplifting track though, whose unifying message calls on everybody to work together to make a better America. [mp3com-download url=" " artist="Steve Cooke" song="Working for the USA" expiration="12/04/2011" email="none" year="2008"/] For some more protest music, check out [mp3com-artist]Tom Morello[/mp3com-artist] from [mp3com-artist]Rage Against the Machine[/mp3com-artist] performing a solo acoustic song. The video gives youa pretty good idea of what's going on down at Zuccotti Park - you even get a demonstration of the protester's ingenious telephone-like communication (they have to use it because no electronic amplification systems are allowed). Click HERE to see more coverage of the Occupy Wall Street protest and to hear more great protest music.

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