We knew the minute we woke up that today needs to be a Mod Monday, a day filled with music that harkens back to the glory days of London '65, when men were men no matter how long their hair. The spirit lives here, right now, with this pair of tunes from our catalog. Mod is what you make it and, in the case of the [mp3com-artist]Royal Hangmen[/mp3com-artist], it's all about the garage. It's the smell of dust in the air, the smell of gas spilled on the floor, the rattle and clang of farfisas and drums banging off the walls decorated with posters of the Cramps, wedged in between pitchforks and shovels. The Royal Hangmen are a five piece combo from Zurch and they're all about keeping '66 alive. The Royal Hangmen on Facebook [mp3com-download url="http://freedownloads.last.fm/download/244336089/Who%2527s%2BThat%2BMan.mp3" artist="The Royal Hangmen" song="Who's That Man" email="none" label="Royal Hangmen"/] What's not to love about a band called [mp3com-artist]Long Tall Shorty[/mp3com-artist]? Named for the [mp3com-artist]Kinks[/mp3com-artist] song from You Really Got Me, Long Tall Shorty are a Mod Revival band that Tony Perfect ran from '78 through '82. Eighteen years later, Perfect and a stripped down lineup including John Woodward on bass and Jim Piddington on drums put the Shortys back in business. This one, from their seven song EP called Long Tall Shorty, reminds us of what Dylan would sound like if he hung around with [mp3com-artist]Peter Green[/mp3com-artist] and [mp3com-artist]Ray Davies[/mp3com-artist]. They're still making records, their last one named Kick Out The Shams released on the Time For Action imprint. [mp3com-download url="http://freedownloads.last.fm/download/293757170/A%2BGirl%2BLike%2BYou.mp3" artist="Long Tall Shorty" song="A Girl Like You" email="none" label="Long Tall Shorty"/]

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