Rock and roll never sleeps, especially in Southern Cali on a Monday night. Here are Free MP3s from three different bands who’ll be playing out tonight in the City of Angels, living those rock and roll dreams.

The Max Levine Ensemble

The noise starts in Pomona at the VLHS Warehouse where a trio of bands will be opening for Joyce Manor. Among them will be Washington, DC’s the Max Levin Ensemble.

Describing themselves as three “young products of white America never moved on from [the] adolescent rebellion phase” that included forming a punk band, the Levines are still doing the deal nine years later. Tonight, they’ll be doing it extra loud.

Summer Vacation

Joining the Levines with an opening set will be San Gabriel Valley punk outfit Summer Vacation. They’ve been around a couple of years, claiming a pair of demo tapes, a split 7″ with Joyce Manor and, as of this winter, a full-on long player among their accomplisments.

Summer Vacation on Facebook
The Max Levine Ensemble on Facebook

℗ Max Levine Ensemble
℗ Summer Vacation

Thirty miles up the road in LA proper, the New Division will be doing their thing in support of Princeton. Rolling at a free 21-and-over gig at the Bootleg Bar on Beverly Blvd., John Kunkel’s dorm room project turned band will be turning out echoes his favorite bands, New Order and Joy Division. Hence the name right?


℗ The New Division