Long touted as ‘London-by-the-sea’, Brighton is one of England’s cultural hotspots, and the hometown of some of the most exciting bands coming out of the UK right now. Maybe it’s the fresh sea air? Or the crumbling piers? Or the bohemian-chic of the city’s Laines area?

One thing’s for sure, it seems the world-famous beach does a lot for the city’s young songwriters. From the indie-rock of The Maccabees and British Sea Power to The Pipettes brand of Spector-esque pop, Brighton’s done a lot for British pop over the last decade.

Check out the bands below for a taste of what the city has in store for the next ten years.

Artist: The Gaa Gaas

Track: “Hypnoti(z)ed” (Alt Version)

Sounds like: A bunch of goths discovering strobe lighting and rave

For fans of: The Rapture, The Horrors, Joy Division

Artist: The Indelicates

Track: “The Recession Song”

Sounds like: Your philosophy teacher backed by Green Day

For fans of: Art Brut, The Auteurs, The Long Blondes

Artist: The Sticks

Track: “Exciting”

Sounds like: Thrashy, trashy garage rock; like your older brother used to make

For fans of: The Black Lips, The Vines, early Yeah Yeah Yeahs

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