Oh Land "Oh Land" (Epic Records)

With her billowing brand of torch vocals–bedroom lyrics given a soapbox–this Danish singer-songwriter recalls a blissful Fever Ray. But Nanna Oland Fabricius aka Oh Land seems less reluctant to indulge her songs’ natural pop turns. Laden with hooks and leavened with soul, her sound is sturdy and winning.


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Currently living in Brooklyn by way of Copenhagen, Denmark, Nanna Øland Fabricius was a trained ballerina until a back injury forced her to quit. She was told by doctors that should would never dance again. She even wrote a song about her tragic experience, called “Break The Chain,” a dreamy electronic-driven balladry that plays like a classic reel of tape from start to finish. “He said sorry but you’re never gonna dance again / But my feet just keep me moving, trying to break the chain.”

The only thing that got me through it was music, because I felt like I could still dance through it; like I could lie down, close my eyes, and figure out melodies without moving.
Oh Land

Two words. #Still Winning. Pushing the boundaries of her talents, Oh Land moved to New York to pursue her passion in music. While there she met some of indie music’s greatest talents including Dan Carey (The Kills, Franz Ferdinand, Hot Chip) and Dave McCracken (Depeche Mode, Beyonce, AFI) both of which helped her produce an album made up of beautiful electronic-sounding dance music ala La Roux, Little Boots and Fever Ray.

Already on everyone’s list of artists to watch out for, the many highlights on her debut album include the emotional centerpiece “Lean,” a song that’s deeply shaped and heartfelt arranged around an amazing string quartet (watch the video below!), the new sonic territory of “Sun of a Gun” and the dark musings of “Wolf and I” for fans of Lykke Li.

Watch the videos to the songs I’ve mentioned above, I promise it won’t disappoint. Plus download a free MP3 of “White Nights” remixed by the ’80s obessed synth-maker Twin Shadow.

Oh Land “Sun of a Gun”

Oh Land- “Wolf & I” (Live)

Oh Land- “Lean”

Free remix of Oh Land’s “White Nights” from Brooklyn based Twin Shadow.

Free MP3: Oh Land – “White Nights” (Twin Shadow Remix)


Oh Land (Epic Records)

Street Date: March 15, 2011

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