Our world tour of the country’s best shows (and Free MP3s to go with them) continues as we bounce from Boston to Tuscon to Brooklyn for geek rock, black metal and hip-hop.

Hip Hopper Stu Cat

Hip Hopper Stu Cat

Born Stuart Alexander Lee in Miami, F-L-A, Stu Cat rolls his rhymes into Cambridge, Mass tonight for a show at The Middle East Downstairs with A$AP Rocky. It won’t be much of a hike: Stu Cat’s now based in Boston where he’s keeping it real working with high school friend David “Logik” Jaramillo and dropping cuts like “Hypnotyc.”

Geek Rock Superstar Jonathan Coulton

At Tucson’s Rialto Theater tonight, They Might Be Giants roll into town for their anything but ordinary presentation of music for your dining and dancing pleasure. Opening for TMBG is geek rock superstar Jonathan Coulton, contributing troubadour at Popular Science magazine, musical director of John Hodgman’s Little Gray Book Lectures and singer of “Good Morning Tucson” (once featured as a Free MP3 of the Day).

Back on the east coast (in TMBG’s backyard, in fact), Saint Vitus Bar pushes back the tables for a three band affair featuring Abigail Williams, Woe and Immolith. Fans of Black Metal will be familiar with Immolith from their opening gig with the likes of Destroyer 666 and writeups in Zero Tolerance, among others.

Artists: They Might Be Giants

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