Recorded on Tuesday, January 28th, Miley Cyrus's exclusive special with MTV: Unplugged  aired last night on the music channel, and it was a night filled with countrified madness. Bringing on Miley's idol, none other than the original material girl herself Madonna, it was truly a memorable night in music. Mashing up their hits "We Can't Stop" and "Don't Tell Me", the two pop divas rocked cowgirl outfits and really wowed the crowd. Playing many hits from her hit record Bangerz, sans the modern pop production, Cyrus went the country route and gave songs like "Adore You", "Wrecking Ball", and "Drive" a country spin. She also belted out the classic country hit "Jolene" by Dolly Parton, another idol of Miley's, about begging the woman your man loves to stay away from him. Miley was interviewed by MTV as to why she wanted Madonna to perform with her on the special, and the starlet simply said that she has listened to Madonna ever since she was a kid, and believed what she stood for in her music and lyrics.

Artists: Madonna, Miley Cyrus

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