As the date for the exclusive Live on Letterman webcast with MGMT approaches (May 11 at 8pm EST), we’ve rounded up a handful of the band’s music videos to get you in the mood.

First up is “Flash Delirium” from Congratulations:

Additional MGMT videos after the jump!

Next up is “Time to Pretend” from Oracular Spectacular:

“Electric Feel”:

And of course we can’t forget “Kids”:

As a couple of bonus tracks, we’ve got the Kid Cudi cut “Pursuit of Happiness” that features MGMT and Ratatat:

Not to mention the new Chiddy Bang song “Opposite of Adults,” a kooky creation makes liberal use of “Kids”:

Additional links:

* Watch MGMT’s exclusive Live on Letterman webcast on May 11!

* MGMT is on tour this year in the US and Europe.

* Listen to the special [listenlive id=”38230″]MGMT radio station[/listenlive] on the CBS radio player.

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