Wireless AirPlay technology, great sound and Scandinavian design. No wonder everyone from the Financial Times to our sister site, cNet, are saying good stuff about Libratone Sound Systems. Up until a few months ago, Copenhagen-based Libratone only made its speaker systems available in Europe, Hong Kong, and South Africa. Now, with the arrival of their Libratone Live and Libratone Lounge Apple AirPlay, their "swank" products can be had in the US via iTunes. "Swank" is the word used by cNet writer John Scott Lewinski, who echoed reviews on cNet UK saying " the sound systems look great and link up flawlessly with your Apple devices for wireless AirPlay use, eliminating the need for clunky cables." All that freedom from cables comes at a cost though: the Libratone Live sells for $699 and the Lounge goes for $1,299. Still interested? Start by reading Lewinski's thoughts.

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