Starting off as a one-off club night in London in 2004, Sonic Cathedral's love of all things shoegaze led them to take that extra step and become a record label in 2006. Inspired by labels such as 4AD and Factory Records, Sonic Cathedral started off with a release by London duo [mp3com-artist]The Tamborines[/mp3com-artist] and soon moved onto releasing seven-inch singles for the likes of electronic shoegaze pioneers [mp3com-artist]M83 [/mp3com-artist]and [mp3com-artist]Mark Gardener[/mp3com-artist] of defunct indie band [mp3com-artist]Ride[/mp3com-artist]. Album releases by [mp3com-artist]Sad Day For Puppets[/mp3com-artist], [mp3com-artist]Yeti Lane[/mp3com-artist] and many others followed, carving out Sonic Cathedral as one of the coolest indie labels around. Sadly, nearly all of Sonic Cathedral's catalog was destroyed in the recent blaze caused by the riots in London. Staying strong, the label has kindly given us three tracks from their artists to download for free. Check them out below: [caption id="attachment_74992" align="alignnone" width="385" caption="The Early Years"][/caption] FREE MP3: The Early Years - Like A Suicide [mp3com-artist]The Early Years[/mp3com-artist] were a regular feature on the live circuit back when Sonic Cathedral was a club night. The track above was released by the label in 2008 and led to the band being name-checked by the likes of The Horrors. New material from The Early Years will surface soon but for now check out 'Like A Suicide' [caption id="attachment_74982" align="alignnone" width="385" caption="Sarabeth Tucek"][/caption] FREE MP3: Sarabeth Tucek - Smile For No One The LA-based singer-songwriter [mp3com-artist]Sarabeth Tucek[/mp3com-artist]'s second album 'Get Well Soon' is already tainted by tragedy - it is based around the sad passing of her father. Copies of the album were destroyed in the recent riots in London, meaning the album will be re-issued on September 12th with four bonus tracks. 'Smile For No One' is one of those bonus tracks. [caption id="attachment_74983" align="alignnone" width="385" caption="Yeti Lane"][/caption] FREE MP3: Yeti Lane - Twice (Team Ghost Remix) This track by French duo [mp3com-artist]Yeti Lane[/mp3com-artist] was released in May 2010 and received a remix from fellow French band [mp3com-artist]Team Ghost[/mp3com-artist] (formed by Nicolas Fromageau, ex-[mp3com-artist]M83[/mp3com-artist]). Check the track out to see how the French contingent at Sonic Cathedral have come together in perfect harmony. Read more about Sonic Cathedral on

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