Sacred Bones Records was born in Brooklyn, New York in early 2007, with the intention of bringing their friends’ music to light, as well as unearthing music lost in time. With releases from the likes of [mp3com-artist]Zola Jesus[/mp3com-artist], [mp3com-artist]The Men[/mp3com-artist] and [mp3com-artist]Moon Duo [/mp3com-artist]of late,  Sacred Bones look to release artists whom they truly believe in both aurally and spiritually. Sacred Bones has a co-operative of gifted people working with them: a filmmaker who directs the music videos, a print maker who handles the production of the complicated packaging and a graphic designer who is responsible for the album layouts, website and one-sheets. The label prides themselves on putting as much energy and care into the presentation of their records as each band does to their music. The Men [mp3com-artist]The Men[/mp3com-artist] - Open Your Heart Download the title track taken from the NY based quartet The Men's recently released 3rd album. Taking inspiration from "twangy country music, guitar solos, surf-ish riffs, psych, and just about everything in between" 'Open Your Heart' is already looking to be a cert' on many end of year lists. Click HERE for a free download of “Open Your Heart” bodies in dunes [mp3com-artist]Pop. 1280[/mp3com-artist] - Bodies in the Dunes Taking their name from an old crime novel, Pop. 1280 will get you in the mood for a post-apocalyptic party! Perfectly blending dark post-punk with abrasive guitar noise grab this track taken from their debut full length 'The Horror' now. Click HERE for a free download of “Bodies in the Dunes” wymond miles [mp3com-artist]Wymond Miles[/mp3com-artist] – Hidden Things Are Asking You To Find Them Taken from the debut EP from the guitar player and songwriter in San Francisco’s The Fresh & Onlys, the tracks found are thematically based on the concepts of eschatology, anthroposophy, and Gnostic and Hermetic symbolism. Definitely an artist to keep an eye firmly on in the future. Click HERE for a free download of “Hidden Things Are Asking You To Find Them” Click HERE for more Label of the Week features.

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