No Pain In Pop are a small, London based record label that pride themselves on working with "Leftfield music which retains a melodic and modern aesthetic". They are also self-proclaimed as "polystylistic" with a range of cultures, ideas and techniques all pouring out from the various artists and collectives they work with. As well as being a record label putting out the music they love, they also run an MP3 blog which won a Record Of The Day award for Best Blog in 2009. Hackers recently caused No Pain In Pop a huge setback by deleting two years worth of archived posts and data, however thankfully a newly formed blog lives here. Seemingly with a fear of having any free time, No Pain In Pop are also busy working on events in London and in particular in their native New Cross in south east London. They founded and curate an annual arts and music festival called Nail The Cross, as well as working with a range of promoters and musicians in other events. To showcase some of their exciting music, the label have given us three tracks for free. Check out the artists below and make sure to grab your free MP3's. [caption id="attachment_82356" align="alignnone" width="385" caption="Doldrums"][/caption] [mp3com-artist]Doldrums[/mp3com-artist] - I'm Homesick Sittin' Up Here In My Satellite Doldrums is young Canadian Airick Woodhead, an artist who chops up samples, vocals and all other aspects of eerie sounds to create a whirlwind of intense percussion and general good-ness. The above track comes from his fittingly-named EP Empire Sound. Click HERE for a free download! [mp3com-artist]Bathcrones[/mp3com-artist] - Holy Rome In keeping with the transatlantic, electronic sounds is Matthew Jackson, AKA Bathcrones. His EP Psychorama was released on No Pain In Pop in August 2010 and features "Holy Rome" - exploring all the best that the dreamy sounds of chillwave genre has to offer. Click HERE for a free download! [caption id="attachment_82358" align="alignnone" width="385" caption="Forest Swords"][/caption] [mp3com-artist]Forest Swords[/mp3com-artist] - Rattling Cage Bringing it back to the UK is Forest Swords, with a more dub-based sound not too dissimilar to artists such as Massive Attack and Burial. "Rattling Cage", off of their 2010 EP Dagger Paths, is one of those sparse tracks perfect for those long walks home on a cold, rainy night. Click HERE for a free download! Click HERE to see other label profiles and get more free music and click HERE to find out more about No Pain In Pop on