Berlin based Morr Music merge electronic and indie musical disciplines that many consider the label to have invented its own genre. The likes ofMúm,Seabear, Sin FangTelekinesis, Electric President and Radical Face all contribute towards an impeccable roster.

The label’s style of music reflects founder Thomas Morr’s own personal taste. Encompassing elements from IDM, Shoegaze and the abstract, the result is a consistent aesthetic evident in both the aural and visual elements of this label’s releases.

Orcas – Carrion

Orcas is the project between Portland’s haze-pop auteur Benoît Pioulard and Seattle’s post-minimalist composer Rafael Anton Irisarri (who records as the Sight Below) from their forthcoming self-titled album, due out on April 24.

Click HERE for a free download of “Carrion”

It’s A Musical – For Years And Years

Berlin-based duo It’s A Musical are just about to release their sophomore LP, For Years And Years, with Morr Music.  Comprised of Ella Blixt aka Bobby Blumm and Robert Kretzschmar. Their delivered voices can be heard in harmony as they uniquely layer the vocals both in verse and chorus throughout on the track offered below.

Click HERE for a free download of “For Years And Years”

Fenster – Bones

March 13th saw the release of ‘Bones’ the debut album by NYC/Berlin based trio Fenster. Relying on the bare minimum to form their “deconstructed pop” sound, their influences range from the Velvet Underground to, the sounds of broken records, the hum of a washing machine, or the faint melodies of oldies tunes through their kitchen radio.

Click HERE for a free download of “Bones”

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