Founded in 2006 by fashion stylist, Paul Beahan, this Los Angeles label has released debut albums by artists ranging from Bat for Lashes to Warpaint as well as up and comers such as  Sister Crayon and Rainbow Arabia. With roots planted firmly in the fashion and art world, Beahan set out to champion a unique "musical home" for artists whose stomping grounds vary from Los Angeles to Oslo to London to Sydney.  Manimal Vinyl has also produced some of the most far-out tribute records of the last decade as homages to Madonna, The Cure and David Bowie. These titles are all released on a non-profit basis for charities ranging from Invisible Children to War Child. Current signees include Rain Phoenix's psychedelic folk-rock band papercranes, Vancouver garage/soul sextet Chains of Love, Aussie goths Cameras, SF dub-rock band Extra Classic, Oslo wunderkind electronic duo AACT RRAISER, SF disco beat maestro Baron Von Luxxury and LA based downbeat musical virtuoso, M. Quinn AKA Corridor. As of 2012, the label plans to expand beyond a home base in LA, with satellite offices emerging in NYC, London and Montreal. aact rraiser [mp3com-artist]AACT RRAISER[/mp3com-artist] - 2 Northern Lights Oslo's AACT RRAISER have a knack for sampling the likes of Hall & Oats to 80′s UK indie darlings Orange Juice and concocting a cocktail of dreamy electronic sounds that cant help but be rooted in your head for days. Still relativity unknown outside of Scandinavia, grab a free download below. Click HERE for a free download of “2 Northern Lights” chains of love [mp3com-artist]Chains Of Love[/mp3com-artist] - Breaking My Heart Chains of Love take Spector era girl-group vocals and align them with a retro styled psychedelic bop.  With a recently released 9 track EP titled 'Strange Grey Days' under their belt, expect to hear much more about the Vancouver based group throughout the year Click HERE for a free download of “Breaking My Heart” corridor [mp3com-artist]Corridor[/mp3com-artist] – Pieces Of Work Corridor is the alias for multi-instrumentalist Michael Quinn’s musical project. Having spent time engaging within the post-hardcore scenes in Boston and Seattle, he made a move to LA. Taking his influences from dark-wave Michael Gira’s Swans, medieval English folk and gypsy-jazz master, Django Reinhart, he makes sounds that only few can dare to categorize. Click HERE for a free download of “Pieces Of Work” Click HERE for more Label of the Week features.


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