Falling somewhere between a crew and a label, Doomtree are nevertheless a refreshingly creative proposition. With their artists holding such a wide rang of inspiration (leading to them taking on a whole host of side projects of varying styles), the label is permanently at the forefront of groundbreaking hip hop. Whether it be the downbeat stylings of Minneapolis rapper and multi-instrumentalist [mp3com-artist]P.O.S [/mp3com-artist](one of the founding members of Doomtree who has also fronted punk rock bands) or [mp3com-artist]Cecil Otter[/mp3com-artist] - another founder and a finalist in a national spoken word competition, you can be assured that whatever comes out of Doomtree will be fresh and always against the norm. The kind people at Doomtree have given us three tracks to give away for free - check them out below! [mp3com-artist]Doomtree [/mp3com-artist]- The Grand Experiment The title of this song is fairly apt - the Doomtree collective have just released an album encompassing every Doomtree artist (P.O.S, Dessa, Sims, Cecil Otter, Mike Mictlan, Lazerbreak and Paper Tiger) entitled 'No Kings'. The album title is also apt - placing everyone on a level playing field and doing away with egos, all in the name of quality artistic expression. Click HERE to download the free MP3! [mp3com-artist]Dessa [/mp3com-artist]- Dixon's Girl This free download comes from [mp3com-artist]Dessa[/mp3com-artist]'s 11 track album 'Castor, The Twin'. Dessa is a spoken word poet and the recently released album features re-workings of material from her last record 'A Badly Broken Code'. This time around the songs feature an ambitious arrangement of live players. Click HERE to download the free MP3! [mp3com-artist]Sims [/mp3com-artist]- Burn It Down Andrew Sims released his album 'Bad Time Zoo' back in February and is another Doomtree artist to showcase a wide breadth of appeal, having appeared on the punk rock-centric Warped Tour as well as a P.O.S tour. 'Bad Time Zoo' is his second full length, coming over six and a half years after his debut album. Click HERE to download the free MP3! Click HERE to see other label profiles and get more free music and click HERE to find out more about Doomtree on Last.fm.