Car Crash Set is a Seattle-based label specializing in the emerging global club music sound dubbed "bass music".  Formed by DJ/Producer Ill Cosby following a decade of seeing his own releases appear on a variety of labels. Since 2009, Car Crash Set has released music from artists such as C.R.S.T, Distal, Freddy Todd, Graphics, and Artifact and has released remixes from Girl Unit, Kastle, Dubbel Dutch, Jam City, Vaccine, and many others.  2012 sees the label focus on new strains of house music with new artists like Oxford Mngo, James Arctic, and Tricky Strutt. NUMBJAC [mp3com-artist]NUMBJAC[/mp3com-artist] - Paradox NUMBJAC is a Warrington, UK based Future Garage/Dubstep producer. Currently piecing together his debut album, download the track about taken from his 2010 released debut EP 'The Paradox Theory'. Click HERE for a free download of “Paradox” [mp3com-artist]Kid Smpl[/mp3com-artist] - Healer The track above is taken from 20 year old Seattle resident Kid Simpl's EP titled 'Ghostsuit'. Favouring Burial-esque vocals he delivers a deep chilling soundscape which in turn relaxes your ears. Watch the video HERE. Click HERE for a free download of “Healer” Graintable [mp3com-artist]Graintable[/mp3com-artist] – April O'Neil Here's a track from Protland's Graintable. Taken form a recently released split with Kimnusico Trio. This release is part of the "No Northwest" series showcasing artists from the Pacific Northwest. Click HERE for a free download of “April O'Neil” Click HERE for more Label of the Week features.

Artists: NUMBJAC