Despite being a relatively new label, Bullet Tooth have a wealth of experience behind them to ensure that they become one of the leading labels in rock, metal and hardcore. It's inception came about in 2010 by Josh Grabelle, the founder of genre-defining label Trustkill Records. Grabelle was instrumental in the rise of various hardcore, metal and emo bands in the 1990's and 2000's with artists such as Poison The Well, Terror, Bullet for my Valentine and Eighteen Visions - selling over two million albums worldwide. In light of this, Grabelle is sure to do wonderful things with his Bullet Tooth artists. Working with New York hardcore veterans Most Precious Blood, Californian metallic hardcore band First Blood and Texan southern metal quintet Memphis May Fire amongst others, the sounds coming out from Bullet Tooth are definitely not going to be pretty. The label has kindly given us three tracks to give away for free. See below to find out what these tracks are and to find out about the bands themselves: [mp3com-artist]Dead Icons[/mp3com-artist] - Everything Has A Price Dead Icons, a hardcore band from Lexington, Kentucky, have been around for over two years - despite not really having a local hardcore scene from which to grow from. Instead they did it the hard way by self-releasing EP's and self-booking US tours. Their graft has been rewarded with the release of their debut album on Bullet Tooth, entitled Condemned, from which 'Everything Has A Price' comes from. Click HERE for a free download. [mp3com-artist]Affiance [/mp3com-artist]- Nostra Culpa Cleveland metalcore band Affiance's track "Nostra Culpa" comes on their Bullet Tooth-approved debut album No Secrets Revealed.  The band were signed by Josh Grabelle after he saw them live - proving just how powerful their live show has become. Touching closely on lyrical themes such as religion and politics, a listen to Affiance is no casual affair. Click HERE for a free download. [mp3com-artist]Serianna [/mp3com-artist]- Fragments Having formed in high school as friends in 2006, it is testament to the hard work of Serianna that they are where they are today. The metalcore band from Wisconsin recorded their debut album Inheritors without a label to release it - until Bullet Tooth came knocking on the door. "Fragments" is the first track off the album and is as visceral of an opener as you could expect. Click HERE for a free download. Click HERE to see other label profiles and get more free music and click HERE for more info and releases from Bullet Tooth on

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