Drivin’ n’ Cryin’ front man Kevn Kinney‘s new album a good country mile is a collaboration between longtime friends and musical cohorts he and Anton Fier (formerly of famed New York post punk band The Feelies). Made out of a mutual appreciation for good old fashioned rock n’ roll, the album – and tracks like “In the Land of Things (That Used to Be)” – are textbook examples the genre done right. Big riffs, upbeat rhythms and sing-along lyrics are the name of the game here.

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Says Anton Fielder about the album, “Kevn and I wanted to make a record that had the feel — the looseness, the innocence and the spontaneity — of some of the late 60’s/early 70s records that we were both fascinated by: The James Gang Rides Again Terry Reid‘s River, The FacesThe First Step, Marc Benno‘s Minnows,explains Fier, “records made before the corporate rock rules had been established.”

The two truly succeed in capturing the free-wheeling fun of that era. Fans of any of the bands referenced above should find a lot to like here.

Artists: Kevn Kinney

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