The Fader is reporting on a hot new item that's huge new for Rihanna fans: according to a leaked Def Jam press release, RiRi's next album might be dropping as soon as November of this year. With an intriguing album title, Lost Files, this would be the eighth album from the pop star in nine years. That is, if the rumors are true. The "Stay" hit-maker has been keeping tight-lipped about her studio time over the past couple of years, and if this screenshot of the record label's memo is correct, than she's working with some big stars. Nicki Minaj, Drake, Big Sean, and Eminem are all listed as features on the potential album, and its supposed release date is November 24th. Was Rihanna planning on pulling a Beyonce and dropping her album with no news? We'll have to find out in the future. Here's the rumored track list from Rihanna's maybe-album Lost Files... 1. Bold 2. Trouble 3. Ain't No Drama 4. Barz (ft. Nicki Minaj) 5. A Drug & A Dream 6. All Night 7. Lovin, Fallin, Dyin 8. Tattered Heart 9. Real Talk (ft. Drake) 10. Hall of Flames 11. Pray 4 Me (ft. Big Sean) 12. Oceans 13. Veins 14. Lost Files (ft. Eminem)

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