Recently nominated alongside Arcade Fire for Polaris Music Prize (Best Canadian Album), as well as the Juno Award for Best New Group of the Year, Hey Rosetta! hails from the rocky and cold northeastern province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

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“Yer Spring” starts out with a quiet kind of power. A jangling, repetitive guitar line imbues a sense of unease and Tim Baker’s vocals have a desperate edge to them. Sure enough, the underlying force proves too much to contain and the song explodes into a wild cacophony of sounds.

“Yer Spring” is a single off of Hey Rosetta!‘s new album Seeds. Seeds was produced by Tony Doogan (Belle and Sebastian, Mogwai, Wintersleep) and reveals a maturing lyrical depth and an adventurous musical atmosphere rooted to the band’s passion for epic musical experiences. Their songs pull off a nice trick where they manage to sound personal, as if Baker is and old friend singing a song he wrote just for you, and also huge like they are U2 playing in a stadium.

To see more of the band’s personal, emotive style, check out their beautiful video for “Yer Spring”:

Artists: Hey Rosetta!

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