Upgrading your headphones or speakers can seriously enhance your listening experience, but it's important to remember that your setup is only as strong as its weakest link. In many cases, this is the wimpy 1/16th inch jack that computers, smartphones and mp3 players use. The Audioengine Digital to Audio Converter (or DAC for short) D1 acts like a mini amp for whatever device you are playing music on. At just 3.5x4x1 inches and weighing about a pound, the D1 is portable enough to carry around and use with your mp3 player, but also packs enough punch to use on a stereo system. It has inputs for USB and 1/16th inch jack, and high quality RCA outputs. Despite its small size, the D1's  build quality is solid, and it has a simple, elegant design. So, if you have high quality headphones or stereo and use a computer or mp3 player as a source, then the Audioengine would allow you to take full advantage of your products' capabilities. For a more in depth look at the Audioengine D1, head over to CNET. For more news in Music Tech, click HERE.

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