The Pharmacy are a three piece rock and roll band based in Seattle, but you’d be hard pressed to pin their sound down to one place or time. Grab a free download of “Baby Be” to see what we’re talking about.

“Baby Be” clearly has a heavy British Invasion type of thing going on, but The Pharmacy isn’t just aping a sound here. It’s more like a British Invasion band came to the states, trashed their instruments, and then stole Carl Wilson‘s guitar and swiped Spooner Oldham‘s keyboard, and created their sound with the gear they lifted. It’s a simple and straight forward poppy, early rock and roll song, but you won’t hear these sounds together anywhere else.

The Pharmacy’s album Stoned & Alone doesn’t come out until November 20th, but you can get your first taste of it right here. Download “Baby Be” below:

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The Pharmacy will be spending the rest of October touring in Europe. You can keep up with them on their webpage or Facebook.

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