Cold enough for you? It seems like everyone has been greeted with some aggressive winds and chilly rains. Luckily, the winter weather sent Chuck Inglish and Mikey Rocks aka The Cool Kids running to their studio to work on their first debut full-length When Fish Ride Bicycles released sometime in Spring of 2011. Until then, the Chicago rap duo is offering their first single “Bundle Up” to keep you warm during these blustery days and nights.

Before you get “Bundle Up,” I highly recommend new listeners to check out 2008’s The Bake Sale EP, a collection of ten awesome bass heavy hip-hop tracks that channel the musical spirit of Run-DMC or EPMD. My personal favorite track is the acidly funny “88” where they rhyme about Smurfs, mime old-skool beatboxing, and sample Men Without Hats, all without breaking their–surely Adidas-clad–stride.

Check it out here:

But the record’s best moments comes in “Bassment Party,” which kicks off with the lyrics “If you ain’t got no money/ Take your broke ass home,” a sample also used inBlack Eyed Peas Fergie‘s “Glamorous,” of all things.

If there’s anything we’re looking forward to on their debut album, its hoping When Fish Ride Bicycles has the same retro-digging roots while also keeping a postmodern sense of beatmaking.

Free MP3: “Bundle Up”


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