Anytime someone tells you you’re about to hear the perfect summer song, you can generally prepare yourself for some overproduced, saccharine, celebratory anthem that repeats simplistic lyrics about bikinis, beer, and things melting. So to steer clear of those stereotypes, let’s just say, [lastfm link_type="artist_info"]The Blank Tapes[/lastfm]’ “I’m Back” is a fantastic song that you will enjoy today, and it does happen to be summer today, and maybe the song has a predisposition to be enjoyed during this season due to its warm, bright sound. “I’m Back” is the A side off The Blank Tapes' latest release. The track itself is almost an amalgamation of California musical influences. There’s a firmly laid garage foundation, with some surf soul, highlighted by sun-soaked, 60's, pop-ish backing vocals, and the hook is so infectious it almost feels like an optimistic, late 70’s sitcom theme song—in a good way. Now you can stop trying to piece together that description in your head and just download the song for free. And remember, don’t tell your friends you have the perfect summer song for them. Just go outside, hand them a cold drink (or moderately chilled, if you’re a beer snob), play this song, and wait for them to say it instead. It’ll go a lot more smoothly. [mp3com-download url="theblanktapes-imback.mp3" artist="The Blank Tapes" song="I'm Back" email="none" year="2012" label="20 Sided Records"/]

Artists: The Blank Tapes