The title track for [mp3com-artist]Rosie Flores[/mp3com-artist]’ upcoming album Working Girl’s Guitar came about as naturally as possible. Flores sold one of her well used guitars to another musician in Austin. The next day, that musician hit her up with the song. He claimed he didn’t write it—the guitar did. The track could easily be called “The Ballad of Rosie Flores” too. She’s been a hard working guitar slinger for over three decades, and like a well made guitar, her sound just gets better with time. The album Working Girl’s Guitar will be out October 16th, but you can grab a download of the title track below right now. [mp3com-download url="rosieflores-workinggirlsguitar.mp3" artist="Rosie Flores" song="Working Girl's Guitar" email="none" year="2012" label="Bloodshot Records"/] You can pre-order the album here, and being a working girl, you can catch Rosie on tour all fall. You can keep up with everything else Flores does on Facebook.

Artists: Rosie Flores

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