[lastfm]Robert Pollard[/lastfm], frontman of the legendary lo-fi indie rock band [lastfm]Guided By Voices[/lastfm], has had a prolific solo career, releasing 17 albums over the past decade and a half. His newest LP, titled Lord of the Birdcage, is out on June 7. For a taste of his new material, we have a free MP3 download from the album. Lord of the Birdcage differs from his previous efforts in that Pollard has reversed his normal songwriting process. Instead of writing the instrumentals first and then filling in the lyrics, he took a dozen poems he had written and turned them into songs. Because of that, lyrics definitely take center stage on these songs--and rarely have his words been this whimsical or surreal. [lastfm]Robert Pollard[/lastfm] records are consistently rewarding affairs and this one, though maybe a bit more subtle than a lot of his past work, is no different. Download the haunting acoustic track, "In A Circle": [audio url="https://cbsmp3.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/06-in-a-circle1.mp3" artist="Robert Pollard" name="In A Circle" podtrac="true" config_file="configD.xml"]

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