Pebaluna’s “No, I Can’t” is so smooth that it should be sipping cognac in a crushed velvet jacket after it took home your girlfriend, your mother, and your sister. It’s stripped down, acoustic, indie soul, but really, the only word you need to describe it is “smooth.” Maybe you could add a “damn” in front of that too. The first 20 seconds or so are just vocals over finger snaps, but singer-lady Lauren Coleman’s voice is so damn good the whole song could just be that, and you wouldn’t ask for anything more. Pebaluna’s album Carny Life is out September 18th, but you can pick up “No I Can’t” as a free download down below: [mp3com-download url="pebaluna-noicant.mp3" artist="Pebaluna" song="No I Can't" email="none" year="2012" label="MDB Recordings"/]

Artists: Pebaluna

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