Hey, [mp3com-artist]Dandy Warhols[/mp3com-artist] fans, listen the hell up. And the rest of you too, for that matter. We've got a track from [mp3com-artist]Immigrant Union[/mp3com-artist], that includes Brent DeBoer, among others. You will like. After Brent moved to Australia, he got together with Bob Harrow from [mp3com-artist]The Lazy Sons[/mp3com-artist], Peter Lubulwa from [mp3com-artist]Galvatrons[/mp3com-artist], Dave Mudie from [mp3com-artist]Kitchen Knife Wife[/mp3com-artist], Bonez from [mp3com-artist]Thommy and the Tanks[/mp3com-artist], and Courtney Barnett from [mp3com-artist]The Olivettes[/mp3com-artist]. Together, they are [mp3com-artist]Immigrant Union[/mp3com-artist]. Following success on the road (or whatever adorable slang they use for "the road" in Australia), Brent packed up his organized band of immigrants, and they headed to Portland to record their self-titled debut with producer Gregg Williams (Blitzen Trapper, The Dandy Warhols). The album is available October 2, but you can download "Me Heart's a Joke" below to get a feel for the record. [mp3com-download url="immigrantunion-myheartsajoke.jpg" artist="Immigrant Union" song="My Heart's a Joke" email="none" year="2012"/] You can order the album on Immigrant Union's page and keep up with their tour and other updates on Facebook.

Artists: Immigrant Union

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