Giant Sand is now more giant-er, which brought Howe Gelb to the only possible conclusion: rename the band Giant Giant Sand. Together, they’ve released the album Tucson, and we’ve got a fantastic track from it for you.

Gelb brought back six Danish musicians from the original Giant Sand and fused them with six new artists of Mexican-American heritage, who have a bit of a cumbia thing pulsing threw their veins. What does this combination sound like? Exactly what you just imagined.

Tucson is a “country rock opera” that tells the story of a guy heading from Tuscon down towards Mexico and encapsulates all the things that could go wrong and right along the way. You can grab a free download of the track “Detained” below:

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It also worth pointing out, last weekend, Giant Giant Sand was joined by John Paul Jones, on mandolin, at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass in San Francisco. Just throwing that out there…

Tucson is available now, and a deluxe addition will be released in November.

Artists: Giant Giant Sand

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