[caption id="attachment_2357" align="alignnone" width="385" caption="Photo by Paul Heartfield (Yep Roc 2011)"][/caption] What sounds like some ubercool Japanese duo is actually an ubercool British trio. The lads join Krautrock's robotalk and stiff synths with the sort of downy electronic sounds you'd expect of Brighton natives. The result is both darkly hypnotic and as palatable as pop. Download a free MP3 of "Sixteen Shades of Black and Blue" from the band's fourth album, Ventriloquizzing released on Yep Roc Records. This is the first record which finds Fujiya & Miyagi returning with a renewed sense of purpose. "We wanted to make a record that was different from anything we had done before," says David. Bassist Matt Hainsby agrees: "We wanted to try things that would take us in a new direction musically and create a different atmosphere." For more images of the band as ventriloquists' dummies, go to their website. [soundcloud url="http://soundcloud.com/fujiya/sixteen-shades-of-black-blue/s-hQBHU"] [Free MP3: "Sixteen Shades of Black and Blue"] If you like what you heard so far, there's more music from the new album here. It's great, free, and you're a dummy if you don't give them a try, they're absolutely  great. _____________________________________________________________________________ Fujiya & Miyagi - Ventriloquizzing Street Date: 1/25/2011 (Yep Roc)  

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