It’s been longer than you would expect since an Irish singer-songwriter has clawed his way up through the ranks here in the States, especially considering much of our troubadour styled songs owe a good bit of thanks to their Celtic heritage. Well, worry not, we’ve got one for you: [mp3com-artist]Foy Vance[/mp3com-artist]. Foy was born in Northern Ireland, but at a very young age, his family moved to Oklahoma for a few years, to follow his father’s work in the Church before returning home. Throughout these experiences, Vance was exposed to a variety of music, which helped him develop his own unique sound, which could be simplified to be described as somewhere between [mp3com-artist]David Gray[/mp3com-artist] and [mp3com-artist]Fleet Foxes[/mp3com-artist]. Foy’s songs have been used in scores for everything from an Oscar-winning short film to "Vampire Diaries," so obviously, there’s a fairly broad appeal to Foy’s music and its universal applicability to the sounds of a wide swath of life. Vance just released The Melrose EP and you can download the track “Something in the Water” for free below. [mp3com-download url="foyvance-somethinginthewater.mp3" artist="Foy Vance" song="Something in the Water" email="none" year="2012" label="Communion Records"/]

Artists: Foy Vance

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