It’s been longer than you would expect since an Irish singer-songwriter has clawed his way up through the ranks here in the States, especially considering much of our troubadour styled songs owe a good bit of thanks to their Celtic heritage. Well, worry not, we’ve got one for you: Foy Vance.

Foy was born in Northern Ireland, but at a very young age, his family moved to Oklahoma for a few years, to follow his father’s work in the Church before returning home. Throughout these experiences, Vance was exposed to a variety of music, which helped him develop his own unique sound, which could be simplified to be described as somewhere between David Gray and Fleet Foxes.

Foy’s songs have been used in scores for everything from an Oscar-winning short film to “Vampire Diaries,” so obviously, there’s a fairly broad appeal to Foy’s music and its universal applicability to the sounds of a wide swath of life.

Vance just released The Melrose EP and you can download the track “Something in the Water” for free below.

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Artists: Foy Vance

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