Veterans of a pair of Van's Warped Tours and favorites of the LA underground, [mp3com-artist]Trenchtown[/mp3com-artist] grab punk, rock and reggae and turn it into their own unique blend of power pop. Trenchtown were born way back in 1996 in the small southern Michigan town of Jerome, just a few miles from there Michigan, Indiana and Ohio all meet together in a sort of Midwest musical doggie-pile. The band started as Maryz Eyes, a trio featuring cousins Mike Nichols and Eric Wagler on guitar and bass and Mike Burlett on drums. On the way to a gig, singer, keyboardist and blood brother Ryan Wagler joined the crew to ensure they had the right number of players for a round of golf. With chops honed on the Michigan club scene, the band travelled twice to North Carolina to record with [mp3com-artist]R.E.M.[/mp3com-artist] producer Jamie Hoover at his Hooverama Studios, producing 2004's For All The Haters and 2007's Memento Mori. Still calling themselves Maryz Eyes, the foursome decamped to LA where they dropped seamlessly into the city's underground punk scene. With the addition of high school friend Greg Bo to provide lead guitars, the crew renamed themselves Trenchtown. We're big fans of LA punk so the head bobbing reggae groove, power guitar riffs and poppy vocals of "Waves" fits perfectly into our newest mixtape. We're going to drop them in right between [mp3com-artist]Social Distortion[/mp3com-artist] and something from [mp3com-artist]Bob Marley[/mp3com-artist]'s Catch A Fire album. Get the free MP3 download of "Waves" by Trenchtown!

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