For those who know little of [mp3com-artist]Rich Robinson[/mp3com-artist], he's one of the two brothers who founded the [mp3com-artist]Black Crowes[/mp3com-artist] some thirty years ago. He's also worked on a variety of other projects over the years including his new solo album, Through a Crooked Sun, which was released just a few days ago. Let's have ourselves a little taste with "Gone Away." The best of what has come from the Black Crowes, in general, and Robinson, in particular, has always had it roots buried deep in the rich soil of the South. Gratefully, "Goin' Down" has the same earthy, organic feel we've come to love: deep, woodsy drums rolled back into the mix, guitar riffs as thick as Spanish moss and, most of all, a fertile lyricism that brings lines like "I fell the distance of the deepest canyon and drowned (that's how you bleed, sir)." We always come away from Robinson's work with the feeling that everything he touches is forthright and genuine. There's no reason think anything has changed on Through A Crooked Sun. [mp3com-download url="" artist="Rich Robinson" song="Gone Away" expiration="12/31/2011" email="none" year="2011" label="Circle Sound"/] See all previous Free MP3 of the Day posts.

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