[caption id="attachment_64799" align="alignleft" width="385" caption="Left By Soft (Album Cover)"][/caption] Left by Soft is the first LP from [lastfm]the Clean[/lastfm] guitarist [lastfm]David Kilgour[/lastfm]'s side project with the Heavy Eights in four years.   The disc will be released April 26 on Merge, but you can listen and download "Diamond Mine" from the forthcoming LP below. Let us know what you think of the track. [audio url="http://www.mergerecords.com/audio/kilgour/leftbysoft/diamondmine.mp3" artist="David Kilgour & The Heavy Eights" name="Diamond Mine" podtrac="true" config_file="config.xml"] David Kilgour & The Heavy Eights - "Diamond Mine" [DOWNLOAD] Track listing: 1. Left By Soft 2. Way Down Here 3. A Break in the Weather 4. Steel Arrow 5. Pop Song 6. Autumn Sun 7. Theme 8. Diamond Mine 9. I'll Walk Back Up That Hill 10. Could Be On My Way 11. Purple Balloon [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dm3UGftvCRo&w=385&h=290]
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