Art Brut Album Artwork

The UK group, Art Brut return  with a brand new album titled Brilliant! Tragic! in the middle of May. The album has the group returning with the producer of their last album “Art Brut vs Satan” , Pixie heavy and solo artist, Frank Black.The group has teamed up with the website Pledge Music, which allows bands and their fans raise money for touring, special releases and other crazy incentives, like a recent one that the group Gang of Four offered their fans.

All you need to do to get the new song from Art Brut is throw them your email HERE

If you want to see what pledges you can make for the band, check out their pledge page which includes a house party with the whole band: Here

Here’s a video from the band’s last album Art Brut vs Satan. You might actually hear me sing this song if you’re anywhere near my apartment on a Saturday or Sunday after a night out patrolling Chicago’s Late Nite Dives.

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