Woodsy indie singer-songwriter Justin Vernon is releasing the self-titled album under his Bon Iver moniker, following up 2008-s massively popular For Emma, Forever Ago. Released a couple years back, "Blood Bank" is about the warmth that gets you through it. Both expansive and intimate, Bon Iver explores the darker and lighter natures of the seasons and what they signify, and offer a glimpse into the natural energy and refined craftsmanship that characterize Justin Vernon's music. [audio url="http://aolradio.podcast.aol.com/aolmusic/mp3s/Bon_Iver_Blood_Bank.mp3" artist="Bon Iver" name="Blood Bank" podtrac="true" config_file="config.xml"] Bon Iver - "Blood Bank" [DOWNLOAD] The new self-titled album showcases 10 new songs that expand the group's sonic palette beyond the rustic acoustics of the debut into a lush landscape of silky electric guitars, beautifully intricate keys, and subtle horn and string sections while keeping the ghost choirs and densely layered vocals intact that Bon Iver has become so known for. bon iver cover Bon Iver Releases Details for Bon Iver   New Self Titled Album 'Bon Iver' Tracklisting: 1. Perth 2. Minnesota, WI 3. Holocene 4. Towers 5. Michicant 6. Hinnom, TX 7. Wash. 8. Calgary 9. Lisbon, OH 10. Beth/Rest
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