[mp3com-artist]Dana Falconberry[/mp3com-artist] has a new album and a badass name that sounds both like it would hunt you from the sky in an open field and taste delicious in a cobbler.  We've got the track "Petoskey Stone" from Dana's recent album Leelanau for you to download. Originally from Michigan, Falconberry has been making waves in the Austin scene for some time now. Leelanau was recorded in a converted church in the area, and maybe it's just the strings or maybe it's the chorus of "ahhh's" or maybe it's the idea put in my head by the press release, but there's something very ethereal or holy or even "old soul" sounding about this song. There's a deeply aged richness too it. The song in no way sounds old or regurgitated itself, but it has that quality of antique wood and quality craftsmanship. You'll get it when you hear it, and say, "oh yeah, I think you really can hear the old wood in the studio." For all I know, they may have lined the studio with new, still green plywood, but you'd never know it from listening. Regardless, grab the song now: [mp3com-download url="petoskeystone-danafalconberry.mp3" artist="Dana Falconberry" song="Petoskey Stone" email="none" year="2012" label="Antenna Farm Records"/] You can pick up Leelanau here and keep up with Falconberry on Facebook and Tumblr. Also, to save you the 17 seconds of Googling it yourself, a Petoskey Stone is a small fossil that has had its edges smoothed by time and is generally found in the UP of Falconberry's homestate Michigan, so find your own metaphors there.

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