brother sal it's only time free download mp3 [lastfm]Brother Sal[/lastfm] doesn’t just play the piano; he throws a party on the piano, and not one of those obligatory-stale-grocery-store-cake-in-the-break-room parties. When Sal plays, it’s a celebration like it’s New Year’s Eve, we just defeated the Nazis, and all your tests can back negative. A rollicking blur of ebony, ivory, and soul-filled fingers sweep your problems to the curb and point your firmly forward, even though you may be tempted to turn around and kick your problems in the ribs once they hit the street. “It’s Only Time” digs up memories that most songwriters would whine and moan about, but Sal turns those moments into a realization of life’s inevitable ups and downs, a rebirth, and an opportunity for optimism, begging us to appreciate every second, because “it’s only time that don’t move slow.” Throughout Blood and Dust, Brother Sal melds gospel, rock, and country roots to create a truly joyous noise with an air of authenticity rarely found these days. You can grab “It’s Only Time” below for free, and then pick up the rest of the album over here. You can keep up with Brother Sal here and watch Sal and Briana Rettig post a song a day for the next year in their project 365 in 365. [audio url="" artist="Brother Sal" name="It's Only Time" podtrac="true" config_file="config.xml"] Down arrow to download then in your browser’s Tools > Page Info > Media > Save As

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