brian wright free download [lastfm]Brian Wright[/lastfm]’s fresh back from his European tour, and he brought you something. No, it’s not a foreign candy bar with a name that sounds vaguely sexual when pronounced in English that he picked up  in the terminal. (although, Wiener Nougats are delicious). It’s a free download of “Accordion” of his latest album House on Fire. Check out this video of Brian playing it in Belgium. Brian played every instrument on the album himself (yeah, he’s one of those guys), so when he plays it live at an acoustic show, he gets a little help from the crowd. [youtube=] Granted, sometimes it’s hard to keep around 100 drunk Belgians in perfect time (they’re not German after all), but it does make for a really cool and more organic performance. However, if you’re into haunting, multi-track perfection, grab the mp3 below. [audio url="" artist="Brian Wright" name="Accordian" podtrac="true" config_file="config.xml"] Now that you’ve had a taste, go pick up the rest of the album here. It’s amazing.

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